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How Our Schools Measure Up
This year's test scores have District 93 officials smiling
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Bouncing Back
How eastern Idaho is poised to fare as the economy shifts toward recovery
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Safe and Sound
Statistics show Idaho Falls has some of the lowest crime rates among cities of at least 50,000
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Covering What Counts
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We asked 625 Boise residents: Do you support or oppose building a 2.3-mile streetcar line in Downtown Boise?

Vicki Gowler: Another poll, same result: Boiseans don't like streetcar plan

Streetcar Survey Pushback

Note: In the spring of 2009 the city of Boise conducted a telephone survey collecting 511 completed responses. Click here for Boise's telephone survey report. This survey measured 25 issues facing Boise and, based on the respondent feedback, identified the top four (see p. 31 of the city of Boise report):

  1. Jobs / Economic Opportunities (68%)
  2. Planning for Growth (55%)
  3. Adequacy of Public Transportation (49%)
  4. Air Pollution (49%)

The POPULUS Citizen Satisfaction survey measured 32 items using a different methodology. Twenty of the items measured were also measured in the city of Boise survey. The POPULUS survey identified the same four issues as the top four issues and in the same order as did the city of Boise survey. Furthermore, the city of Boise survey gave items 3 and 4 above nearly identical scores, as did the POPULUS Citizen Satisfaction survey (9.3, 8.9, 7.9, and 7.8 respectively).

Push Polling in the Local Paper

Survey: A third of Boiseans back streetcar

Note:The Stateman article mentions that "In a spring 2009 survey conducted by the city, residents reported that economic development and public transportation were their highest priorities, the mayor said." This finding was not just supported, but replicated in the Citizen Satisfaction survey conducted by POPULUS.

Empower Your Community

Best Places to Live Survey launches in the Idaho Statesman

Best Places to Live Survey launches in Post Register
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Background on Community Insight and Paul
Wanted: your ‘Community Insight’

Vision for the Valley results
Vision for the Valley: For most of us, the economy isn't our top concern

Vision for the Valley results notes:
About the POPULUS survey, see the questions for yourself.

POPULUS introduction to Vision for the Valley
Vision for the Valley: It will take all walks of life to build a Vision

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